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Water Gun - Super Soaker Lemon

Water Gun - Super Soaker Lemon

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以火箭發射器為概念而製成的水槍模型,更是首次以 Smart Doll 比例為參考。部份採用了透明材料,頭尾兩個部件皆可拆除,方便收納攜帶及拍照造型。
Water Gun – Super Soaker miniature made with the concept of rocket launcher. This is our first time using Smart Doll as a reference for proportional measurements. Part of the body used the translucent materials. Front and the Back parts are removable. Make it easy to store and take pictures.

* 本產品不具備任何彈射功能
* This product does not have any shooting function

*This product is designed for doll use.

*Made-to-order item. If stock is available, we can probably advance the shipping date.

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