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Royal Sceptre - Eclipse's Embrace

Royal Sceptre - Eclipse's Embrace

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Within the abyssal depths, a malevolent royal sceptre lies dormant. Its sinister design conceals a hidden power, dormant until released by a worthy hand. As the seal is broken, the sceptre unleashes a cataclysmic surge, engulfing the wielder in dark energy and unleashing their true potential upon the world.

Includes: 1 of Royal Scepter - Eclipse's Embrace
Ideal fit for dolls around 40cm in size

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*This product only contains the items listed in the “Includes” section.

*This product may stain the doll’s body. Please avoid wearing it for long period.

*The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual product may vary from the photo.

*商品に含まれるのは「Includes / セット内容」に表記されているアイテムのみです。

*商品の色がドール本体に色移りする場合があります。 ご注意ください。

*写真はサンプルです。 商品の内容が一部変更になる場合がございます。ご了承ください。