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Cat Ear Headphones

Cat Ear Headphones

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1x 貓耳耳機

1x Cat Ear Headphones

顏色 : 粉紅(光面), 白群(光面)
Colour : Pink (Ultra Glossy), Baby Blue (Ultra Glossy)

大部份的Volks DD、SmartDoll及Dollce頭都合適配戴。請留意假髮的尺寸及造型都會影響其鬆緊。產品由堅韌的樹脂鑄造而成的,但請小心使用,不要大幅度屈曲,否則有機會折斷。
Fits for most Volks DD, SMD and Dollce head. The tightness will also be affected by the size of the wig.
It is cast by a tough resin but we do not recommend pull it out a lot, or it will break.

*This product is designed for doll use.

*This product may stains to the doll body. Please avoid wearing for long-period.

*Please confirm below shipping date before place the order. If stock is available, we can probably advance the shipping date.

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