MDD Body Armour Set A – Unpainted

HKD 780~ USD 99.06

Unpainted MDD Body Armour Set A
未塗裝 MDD 盔甲套裝A

MDD Gorget Type A
MDD Pauldrons with Black Leather
MDD Breastplate
MDD Arm Armour
MDD Upper Leg Armour with Black Leather

Colour: Unpainted – Semi White / We call it Semi White because it is not completely white. It is the colour of the raw materials and may turn yellow in the sun.
顏色:未塗裝 – 本白色 / 本白色非全白,為生產原料的顏色。

Material: Resin

^This is an unpainted product. The model surface is rough. Some parts are not assembled. It is recommended that customers have a certain level of model colouring skills.