Naginata Kit

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Includes: 1* Naginata + bolts
產品包含:1* 薙刀 + 螺栓

Material: Body – ABS-Like Casting Resin; Blade – Resin
材質:本體 – 類ABS翻模樹脂;刀刃 – 樹脂

Colour: body – Unpainted Semi White; blade – Silver-plated
顏色:本體 – 未塗裝本白色(本白色非全白,為生產原料的顏色);刀刃 – 鍍銀
*Some parts are applied a white colour primer

Total of seven parts in this kit set. Part 2&3 can be used as needed. When using PART 2, the total length is 855mm. It is suitable for DD/SMD. When using PART 3, that is 675mm and ideal for MDD.